The Community Center is OPEN to rent space for small gatherings

The Cormorant Community Center has two rooms which can be rented for birthday parties, reunions, meetings, or other small gatherings.  We can not accommodate any weddings, however.  

Please review the Use Policy Form and the Rental Agreement form.   Both forms must be completed and submitted. 

Rentals are on a first-come basis, with reservations taken up to one year in advance.  Details about the rooms and kitchen follow.   These details are also included as page 2 of the Rental Agreement, to make printing easier if you wish to do so.

Cormorant Conference Room (36' x 50')
This area has a built-in PA system and is wired for use in both rooms. 
There are 190 chairs available, along with 21 rectangular tables that seat 8 each.

School Room (28' X 42')
Located in the old building, this area accommodates up to 15 round tables. For seating, there are 35 metal folding chairs, as well as 24 padded chairs. There also are 6 card tables available. There is a mounted smart TV and DVR also for use in this room.

Each comes with kitchen privileges, which includes two refrigerator/freezers, three stoves with ovens and a microwave. For serving coffee, there is one Bunn coffeemaker, two 100 -cup coffeemakers, and a smaller 45-cup coffee maker. There are 190 place settings of dishes and silverware. The kitchen also is stocked with miscellaneous pots and pans, salad bowls, water pitchers, carafes, bread baskets, mixing bowls, cutting boards, etc. An automatic commercial dish washer helps with cleanup.

If you have any questions, call the Clerk at 218-532-7042 Wednesday afternoons.

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